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What Einstein, Netflix and Doubling Your Money All Have in Common

I became an investor while I was at university. (You can read much of that harrowing story right here if you like.)


I was studying physics back then. I was specialising in general and special relativity. These are two of the theorems that proved Einstein’s genius to the world.


And as I dug into Einstein’s life, brain and thought processes, something jumped out at me.


It was one of Einstein’s secret obsessions… something he’s reported to have called “the most powerful force in the universe” and “the 8th wonder of the world.”


He was talking about compound growth.


He recognised that... 


Those who put it to work for them get ahead in life… while those who end up on the wrong side of it suffer greatly.


Here’s why this really struck me at the time...


There I was studying Einstein’s complicated theorems and equations that most lay people wouldn’t have a clue how to understand, yet Einstein’s true fascination seemed to be on something so seemingly simple.


And that was the beginning of my own fascination with compound growth.


I soon realized that it is generally misunderstood and completely underutilized by most people.


I also quickly realized it is the dividing line between those who build fortunes and those who scrape by.


Compound growth isn’t just a tool used by those who are already wealthy. It is a tool that, when put into anyone’s hands and used consistently creates wealthy people.


The power of compounding allows the project manager that makes $50,000 per year to become wealthier than the CEO earning $250,000 each year. 


It all comes down to how much you’re willing to invest and when you’re willing to do so. 


Understanding compound interest and putting it to work for you is the key to average people becoming millionaires. Now, this is dependent upon when you began investing, how much you’ve invested, and your actual rate of growth but it is possible for the interest to snowball in such a way.


Your wealth will ultimately not be determined by how much money you earn at your job. It will be determined by how doggedly you took advantage of the power of compounding. Period.


At a point, you begin earning more in interest each year than you initially invested. THAT is the POWER.


In 10 minutes alone on Wed August 26, my shares in NFLX went up more in value than my actual earned income from working over the last 2 years.


I made 20 TIMES what I invested originally in minutes. 


Now, obviously the more time you can allow compound growth to work its magic, the better off you will be.


But if you’re on the upper side of 30 or 40, there are ways to, in effect, speed up the process for you, which we’ll discuss in the workshop.


Here’s a fun activity to get yourself in the right frame of mind for tomorrow’s workshop.


Answer this…


Think of how many years from now you’d like to double your investment capital.


Now grab a calculator and divide 72 by that number of years.


So, if you want your money to double in 5 years, you divide 72 by 5 and you get 14.4.


That means, in order to double your money in 5 years, you would need to average a 14.4% return on your investment each year for 5 years.


Play around with this equation. It’s called the Rule of 72.



It’s a great rule of thumb that will get your brain primed for everything we’ll dive into tomorrow.


And once you get a number that feels right to you, keep it in mind when you come to the workshop.


See you tomorrow at 5 PM Dublin Time/Noon Eastern!


2 days to go...

Your Fear of Buying Stocks Before a Market Crash?
Here’s Why You Can Let It Go.

econ vs sm.jpg

Should I invest in the market right now or should I wait on the sidelines for a pullback?”


That is the #1 question I’m hearing from investors in the MyWallSt community.


These are nerve wracking times no doubt. The image above illustrates the way many people see the market in relation to the economy right now.


But, if you look back over the years, you’ll notice a pattern emerging… one that always favors long-term investors.


In 1996, the S&P 500 hit record highs 42 times that year and everyone was shouting, “The bubble’s going to burst!”


But $10,000 put into the market during that period of “irrational exuberance” would now be worth $35,700.


In 2001, terrorists had just attacked the World Trade Center, the market was in freefall and dotcom companies were going bust.


But anyone who felt the fear and invested anyway could have turned $10,000 into $19,494.


In 2008, legendary companies were failing, housing prices were plummeting and the US entered the biggest recession since the Great Depression.


But $10,000 put into the market amidst that chaos would be worth $27,489 today.


For 13 more historic examples of how much money you’d have now if you invested into bubbles and crashes, you can check out the fascinating chart on page 2 of this document.


For long-term investors, the future is always bright. 


And while past performance means absolutely nothing when it comes to future results, maybe… just maybe… now isn’t such a bad time to invest.


“But, Emmet, I’m POSITIVE the market is about to crash.
I’m just going to wait. Thankyouverymuch.”


OK. Well, allow me to show you what would happen if you did invest your money right before a market crash.


But instead of just one market crash, how about you invested right before every market crash?


That’s what happened to Bob, the world’s worst market timer in this excellent article.


Bob (a fictional person) only invested his money four times in the stock market and each time he did so, the market immediately tanked by -48% (1972), -34% (1987), -49% (1999) and -52% (2007).


He invested a total of $184,000 and even though his investment was nearly cut in half four different times, he kept his money in the market.


When he retired in 2013, Bob still ended up a millionaire.


Investing right before market crashes doesn’t matter.
Holding on to your investments until you come out the other side does.


I’ll leave you with one last passage from a book I’m reading called “100 Baggers” by Christopher Mayer.


"Imagine if a friend had introduced you to Warren Buffett in 1972 and told you “I’ve made a fortune investing with this Buffett guy over the past ten years, you must invest with him.” 


So you check out Warren Buffett and find that his investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, had indeed been an outstanding performer, rising from about $8 in 1962 to $80 at the end of 1972. 


Impressed, you bought the stock at $80 on December 31, 1972. 


Three years later on December 31, 1975, it was $38, a 53% drop over a period in which the S&P 500 was only down 14%. 


You might have dumped it in disgust at that point and never spoken to that friend again. 


Yet over the next year it rose from $38 to $94. By December 31, 1982 it was $775 and on its way to $223,615 today -- a compounded annual return of 20.8% over the past 42 years."


I particularly like this because it encapsulates a key message you will repeatedly hear from me as the years go by. 


We should not fear stock price falls when there is nothing wrong with a business from a structural or strategic perspective. 


Equally, we should be willing to wait long periods of time for a business’s true potential to be unlocked and for that value to be reflected in its share price. 


Buffett only became a billionaire in his mid-50s after decades of market-beating stock investing. 99.8% of his net worth accumulated after the age of 52. 


The power of long-term compounding, and the fact that the behaviour it requires runs counter to human nature, are at the heart of why some investors become very wealthy over time – and most do not.


My intent is to help you end up on the right side of that dividing line... and that's exactly what I'll be doing in the workshop on Wednesday.


Looking very much forward to seeing you there.

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Watch as Emmet Savage shatters a huge misconception investors have about selling to lock in gains before the market drops and why this well-intentioned move could end up slashing your lifelong gains in half.

4 days to go...

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Emmet Savage
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Emmet Savage leading a group of investors at The Shelbourne in Dublin. The "millionaire-maker" stock he pitched that day rose 253% over the next 6 months.


MyWallSt co-founders Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell
on the floor of The New York Stock Exchange.


“In Emmet Savage, I have an expert stock picker with a proven track record who I can follow for long-term-investing. My portfolio is up double digits in the space of 6 weeks."


— Brian Reynolds, Dublin

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